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What Parents are Saying ...

"At the beginning we weren't even sure if we were going to commit to a full semester of classes with our son starting Pre-K at a new school.  Our son, who had never touched a piano before, was introduced to Daniel Le as his piano teacher through the P.S. 41 Afterschool program with Intersection Arts.  One year later, we couldn't be happier as our son looks forward to his weekly piano sessions with Daniel.  Even through the pandemic, Daniel was able to channel his piano abilities through zoom, which says a lot of his flexibility and adaptability to a situation.  Daniel is very talented at what he does, good with children and knows how to keep the lessons interesting as the lessons evolve.   We would recommend Daniel to anyone thinking about putting a piano in front of their children."

-Tomo T,  K Parent

“Xinyu is as patient and understanding as she is inspiring in her musical talent. She is able to work her sense of artistry and nurture young talent easily.”

-Allison H, 1st Grade Parent

"Andrea is a thoughtful, motivating and caring teacher who has delighted our daughter with exciting music and a growing love for guitar. He has a true interest in developing her as a musician and person.  We cannot say enough wonderful things about him."

-Mrs. G, 6th Grade Parent 

My daughter had the piano lessons with Xinyu for two semesters. Xinyu is patient, and interacted with my daughter with a good balance in making the child focused in learning yet not making her feel bored or forced. She is a great teacher. We highly recommend her."

Ms. K, 4th Grade Parent

"My child began taking group violin lessons with Minda in second grade. She loved violin classes throughout her years at PS41. Now in 6th grade she continues her training with Minda and with Minda's guidance auditioned for the Third Street Music School Settlement Orchestra and was offered a spot in the ensemble!  Minda is an incredibly dedicated instructor who puts her heart and soul into every lesson. I'm certain that's the reason why my child is progressing and looks forward to each and every lesson!" 

-Jennie L, 6th grade parent.

"Intersection Arts violin program has been fantastic.  We started with group lessons in 2nd gradel which our daughter really enjoyed and then moved to private lessons. Minda has been amazing. She seamlessly shifted the kids to online lessons when the pandemic started and then offered free lessons for the parents; she went way above and beyond. My daughter is getting a great music education."

- Alyssa F, 3rd grade parent.

"Andrea is a phenomenal guitar teacher. He’s kind, supportive, and is teaching our daughter a real love of guitar. She looks forward to her lessons and is always proud to show us what she’s learned. I loved my guitar teacher when I was a kid, but I wish I’d had Andrea!

And from my daughter:
"Andrea’s the best. We’ve been playing guitar since kindergarten and we always have fun. He has taught me to play chords, power chords and to read notes. He’s funny and nice and he even plays songs for me to see what I want to learn next." 

Joe S, 4th Grade Parent

"We love Intersection Arts and our awesome violin teacher, Minda.

We're thrilled at the progress our 3rd grader has made with the violin and how enthusiastic she is about it. When we were first offered lessons through PS 41 in the 2nd grade program, I wasn't sure what would come of it, but even through Covid, we successfully continued our lessons online without missing a beat. Now Sienna has increased her lessons from 30 minutes to an hour, enjoys practicing and ALWAYS wants to learn a new song. Minda is super kind, patient and able to explain things to kids in a way they understand. The Zoom lessons feel natural and have been an amazing way to continue playing this beautiful instrument. I highly encourage people to give it a try - it's so rewarding!"

-Stacy S, 3rd Grade Parent

"My son has been taking private violin lessons with Minda since he was in Kindergarten at PS41 and he’s now in the 11th grade. Minda is great with children and treats them like a trusted friend which made my son always feel comfortable with her. At the same time, she is a dedicated teacher and knows when a student is capable of new challenges. There were several times when I thought a piece of music might be too advanced for my son but Minda knew he could do it and she was always right. There were also many times my son wanted to give up playing the violin and I almost allowed it but Minda was confident that all the persistence and practicing would pay off and she was right. My son reached a point where he started to enjoy the music he was playing and through Minda’s encouragement, he joined the ISO orchestra where he’s now in their highest level Symphony Orchestra and has had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall and the MET. We’re very grateful to Minda for all of her encouragement and for always being able to see the bigger picture when it came to my son’s training as a violinist."

-Janet C, 11th Grade Parent

“My son has studied with Daniel Le over the past year.  Daniel is an excellent teacher and provides insightful ways to keep my son interested.  Daniel has been able to strike a nice balance between inspiring my son, helping him develop his piano skills, and instilling the importance of practice.” 

-Janie H, 5th Grade Parent

“My daughter has studied violin with Minda for six years. We started in Kindergarten with the “Parent and Me” Suzuki violin lessons.  During the early years, Minda was patient, nurturing, and made the classes enjoyable.  Today, my daughter says, “Minda pushes me to achieve more but still makes it fun.”

Janie H, 5th Grade Parent

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