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Taylor Rose Mickens


Taylor Rose Mickens (they/she) is a NYC based vocalist, songwriter, actor, and vocal coach.

Taylor has led Broadway team readings and workshops of musicals and plays in New York City and placed in the top 3 of Broadway World's Next On Stage Competition out of thousands of contestants in 2020


Taylor's backround in many musical genres such as jazz, indie, rock, pop, musical theater and folk come together to inform their unique sound in their original music, in their approach to teaching a multitude of genres.


Taylor's main priority is to help students feel confident in their ability and excited to sing freely.

She incorporates vocal technique, vocal hygiene, songwriting, ear training, breath work, and guided meditation, and tailors lessons according to students' specific goals and needs.

Taylor has taught students age 6-50 and loves helping students strengthen their skill set to be as comfortable in their voice as possible with compassion and empathy.


Listen to Taylors debut single Opaque here.

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