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Message from the Director: Teaching During This Pandemic

Dear Friends... 2020 has been challenging to say the least. However, despite all the adversity everyone has been facing, I have been buoyed up and heartened by this warm community of families whose children I have been so extremely fortunate to get to know and teach. Although the zoom lessons have their own unique set of challenges--quality of sound, glitches in connection, and the sometimes ever so frustrating moment of not being able to physically correct a child’s position in person as they play--there have been some unexpected gifts in our online musical journey together as well.

For one thing, I have found that the zoom lessons have provided a deep level of intimacy and getting to know my students one on one in both our homes, respectively. They also foster an ease of constant communication between myself and the child’s parent, as their assistance is often needed in facilitating their child’s signing onto their music lesson regularly. This new odd online protocol--now our new normal--has made a weekly check in with the parents on what their child should be working on before their next lesson routine, with parents finding themselves regularly participating in the lesson. This is a truly wonderful thing, as practicing routines and expectations are set up, and goals are met. Zoom recitals are successfully happening which are social, and where children can look forward to connecting and sharing their music with others in a deeply satisfying way. (Grandparents, for example, can suddenly now watch their grandchildren perform in a zoom concert even from Germany and Ireland!!)

With all the chaos going on in the world right now, and with in-person and online learning changing from one week to the next, weekly zoom music lessons not only provide structure, but create a means for children to create live music in their own homes, providing a constant source of healing, solace, happiness, and yes, even relief.

It is truly humbling to see the power, beauty and determination of these children as they express themselves musically, as they create and share something so positive and powerful with all of us.  Connecting them to their friends, family, us, and yes, ultimately, even themselves in a deeply profound and authentic way. And for that, I am truly thankful and grateful.

Yours truly,

Minda Cowen

Director, Intersection Arts

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